May 26, 2019


PRO-LAB® Testimonials


This is a fantastic service and I am glad we are with the team at Pro-Lab! When I have to use another lab it really doesn't make my job easier and reports take longer to write. Thank you for your valuable service.

K. M.

Excellent customer service. Thank you! Your competitors keep trying to lure me away, but I am a committed and loyal customer!

J. M.

Working with PRO-LAB has been informative, cost effective, and pleasurable experience. I appreciate my Sales Rep., and your Customer Service staff. Keep up the good work!

R. P.

I have used several labs in the past. Your staff is the best in the business! Keep up the good work!

G. R.

It is 9:30 on Thursday evening and I just received the mold reports for the Rafkin inspection in Montclaire, Weston Hills. The samples were brought in to PRO-LAB this morning by my wife. That is terrific turn around time. I am sure my clients will be very happy and impressed, specially since I told them the results would not be ready until next Monday. Thanks a lot for the speedy service, but don’t worry, I will not get spoiled.
Again, many thanks!

F. O.

I am writing to thank you and your staff for providing outstanding customer service. Last week, I had to request Saturday (holyday weekend) mold analysis service for a Post Remediation Clearance. Your staff was most accommodating and professional in quickly making all of the arrangements necessary to accomplish the task. From the initial request to a follow up phone call yesterday, your staff took the time to provide excellent services, which was very much appreciated.
Thank you and keep up the good work!

J. K.

I am just getting started with mold inspections, sample removal, and analysis. I would like to complement you on your excellent business and staff (especially your staff). They have all been very helpful, informative, and available with all my and my clients needs and questions (especially Tracy A+A+A+). You don't want to lose that one. Thanks for the new procedure info and have a great day.

T. R.

A BIG THANK YOU to you and your co-workers for all your help getting report analysis to me last week.


I am writing to let you know of the excellent service I recently received from your company through interactions with Alyssa Murray and Autumn Rose. Our company had problems last week with sample that was not delivered to your company for analysis. The package is still missing. Our customers were in a hurry for the results and I called several times daily to check on the status. Ultimately, we had to re-sample and overnight mail the new package for same- day analysis, resulting in more stressful phone calls!
    Many thanks to Alyssa and Autumn for their diligence in checking for both packages and providing a report in a timely manner, with courteous telephone service as well. Of course, the analyst also deserves thanks. I wanted you to know that I very much appreciate the professional interaction provided by your staff.

M. S.

"PRO-LAB has been the catalyst in setting up the mold testing part of my business. My account representative has helped me with marketing ideas, my web site, and making sure I have the right equipment and supplies. Your Customer Service Department is always available to help me interpret and put lab results into perspective! This is truly a PRO-FESSIONAL group."

D. B.

I want to take a moment to thank you and the service, your labs deliver for lab test reports in such a fast turn around fashion for all my real estate transactions that have a closing date deadline within 48 hours of your report. When I ask for the rush delivery by USPS express mail over night to your lab and for the lab to expedite the test results to me by email? The lab delivers. From the Post Office of mailing on Monday, the lab printed report is back to me by Thursday via email! WOW!
Thank you for being so responsive even though I am in Virginia across the miles.

All my test reports come back form Pro Lab, in response to those fast delivered reports, I print them out for a file copy and forward the email report to the buyer and the real estate agent. Great Service for such a distance in between. You are keeping everyone happy!

Keep up the good work!
Thank you so much

H. H. I. - USA

I am proud to announce that I am completely satisfied with becoming a mold and radon gas tester through PRO-LAB. Within 9 days of joining your company I obtained 3 mold inspections from clients that visited your website and was directed to me, also I have a home inspections business and I received 2 home inspections due to your directions to me from your site. Joining your company was a very good move on my part for improving my business and expanding my field of service to the public. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and your service to me has been terrific."

R. D.

"PRO-LAB has always been there when we have questions or a problem. The staff is knowledgeable and Professional, as the name implies. You truly get EXCELLENT service and ACCURATE results in a timely manner. This is what it's all about, Prompt, Accurate and Professional service to the buying public."

B. F.

We started researching different companies that offered these services, and we chose PRO-LAB because of their knowledge and service. They provided us with all the information and materials we requested and more. PRO-LAB helped us get started and we are always available to us when we have questions or need additional guidance. Their turn around time on getting lab reports back to us are handled in a very expedient manner, and their lab is available to handle consumer calls. Our Account Representative is wonderful to work with, and always works over the above what is expected. We are happy to recommend PRO-LAB to any home inspection company wanting to provide this great service to their clients.

C. H.

Just want to take a few minutes of your time to let you know I have been a very satisfied and loyal client of PRO-LAB for the past 4 years. I enjoy doing business with your company and it's experienced staff. I was sadened the other week when I heard Eric had left PRO-LAB to seek other employment, but we made due and continued using your services. I was very pleased today when the office phone rang and it was Eric saying he's back. He is the only sales person from PRO-LAB or any other company I deal with that calls and just says, "Hi, how's everything going and can I help you in anyway" on a weekly basis. Thanks what I call QUALITY SERVICE and that's why I still doing business with PRO-LAB. I have several local labs that can provide the same services as yours calling weekly for my business, but the personal touch that employees like Eric gives isn't there. Again, Eric has always been there for me if I had a question or problem, he handles it very quickly and gives me outstanding service. In my other world of competitive ice fishing (here in Michigan) he's what we would call a keeper. I hope our relationship continues to grow and we can do business together for years to come.


G. W.

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